Air Flow Controller

A new inveted Air Flow Controller – produced with Rucon-Air Deutschland GmbH and Faclity Consulting Kft.

Made in Europe.

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Maintenance-free flow regulators, in any position to install ventilation equipment or supply ducts.

House and governing the mechanics of galvanized sheet steel, centrally-bearing flap lid to control the flow of special stainless steel bearing. Leveling device rotating pointer, and the current target range of recording, motorized or manually adjustable.

The RM flow regulators

The RM flow regulators regulates mechanical constant flow of air, do not require auxiliary power. The specific control technology provides high accuracy in all, at least a 1:5 control range. In the Vmin and Vmax values ​​within the range specified in the flow control target can be customized. The pressure variable flow rate to the specified pressure of ± 5% and ± 10% deviation of up to constant.


– Nominal sizes: DN80 to DN400-up
– Flow Control range: 45 to Vmin = Vmax = 5400 m3/h
– Pressure range: 50 to 1000 Pa.
– Air circuit level DIN V24194-2: II
– Internal temperature range: -20 to +70° C to 90° C for a short time


– Motorized two flow target setting, 230/24 V
– Constant power flow setting arbitrary targets, 24 V
– External insulation coating lemezköpennyel
– Double-sided comb seal (DN100’s sizes)

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